2022 Chevy Equinox vs 2022 Buick Envision

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  • 2022 Chevy Equinox

    A blue 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown angled left.

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    2022 Buick Envision

    A white 2022 Buick Envision is shown angled right.

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    $32,000 est

    28Fuel Economy (mpg)26
    63.9Cargo Space (cu. ft.)52.7
    AvailableAll Wheel Drive (awd)Available

    Compact SUVs are notable for their impressive cargo space despite their petite size, along with their fuel efficiency. These models offer more space than your standard commuter car while still offering up the same easy driving capabilities. They're also easier to see out of and far more spacious than sedans. But you're here because you're interested in two of GM's current compact SUV options, and you're unsure about which one offers the best features for the price. Prepare yourselves, for the battle between the 2022 Chevy Equinox vs 2022 Buick Envision is about to commence.

    First, let's go over some origin dates to see who's been in the compact SUV game the longest. The Chevy Equinox first debuted for 2005, while the Buick Envision didn't show up to the game until over ten years later for 2016. Overall, the Equinox evidently has more time under its belt, but does that mean it's the top contender? We can't answer that based on experience alone, which is why we're excited to dive in and show you some important differences between these two models.

  • Interior

    The grey and tan interior of a 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown during a 2022 Chevy Equinox vs 2022 Buick Envision comparison.

    Cargo space is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a compact SUV. While you certainly don't expect to have over 100 cubic feet of cargo space in a compact model like these, you want to keep in mind that some compact models offer better stats than others. Sometimes, you'll see a lower MSRP on a model, yet it still offers more cargo space than its competition, and that's the deal you want to go for.

    Equinox Interior Features

    That said, the 2022 Chevy Equinox comes out on top here, offering up to 63.9 cubic feet of cargo. Not only do you get hidden rear cargo space in addition to these measurements, but it's also easy to access your max cargo capacity thanks to the Equinox's 60/40 split-bench seats and available hands-free liftgate.

    In addition to its sizable cargo capacity, the new Equinox includes leather-appointed seating options in both black and tan shades. When you opt for the brand-new RS trim, you'll get black seats with red stitching whether you choose cloth or leather-appointed seating materials. There are also Black Ice chrome accents spread across the Equinox RS's interior, along with a black headliner. For a sporty red and black aesthetic, the RS trim is a great choice.

    Now let's talk about convenience. If you're after affordability, the new Equinox's base-level L trim offers the typical interior features you want, such as power windows and keyless push-button start. However, upgrading to the top-tier Premier trim (which is roughly the same price as a base-level Envision) will get you memory presets for your seat and mirror positions, along with remote vehicle start and wireless device charging.

    Envision Interior Features

    The 2022 Buick Envision falls short of the Equinox's max cargo space by over ten cubic feet, landing at a max of 52.7 available cubic feet. The new Envision actually carries less cargo than the outgoing 2020 model year.

    Since it's a luxury model, you can get leather upholstery options with the Envision. However, the base levels still come with standard cloth seating, just like the far less expensive Equinox does. Overall, the 2022 Buick Envision Preferred trim includes many of the same interior features that the base-level 2022 Chevy Equinox L offers, but at a much higher price. There's roughly $7,000 between a base Equinox and a base Envision.

    Similarly, a fully decked-out Equinox has similar interior features as a top-level Envision, but the Equinox does it for roughly $10,000 less. While the Envision may look fancier and more appealing, it's important to factor the much higher prices into the equation before jumping at the luxury model.

  • Performance

    The grille of a blue 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown in close up.

    A compact SUV's key performance factors are fuel economy and all-wheel drive availability. Horsepower and engine size aren't nearly as important when you're looking at a casual and fuel-efficient commuter.

    Both models are all-wheel drive capable and have drive mode options for ECO driving and slippery weather conditions. The key difference here is that the Equinox has a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, while its competition has a 2.0-liter version. While this does give the Envision a bit more pep in its step, it significantly decreases its fuel efficiency, and the extra power doesn't even increase its towing capacity. The 2022 Equinox and the 2022 Envision both offer a max 1,500-pound towing capacity.

    Fuel Economy

    Between these two competing models, one of the key factors that can make or break your decision is fuel economy. The 2022 Equinox offers a slight edge here, getting the same 31 MPG on the highway as its 2022 Envision, but 26 MPG in the city versus the Envision's 24 MPG city rating. When looking at combined fuel economy, the Chevy Equinox comes in at 28 MPG against just 26 MPG for the Buick Envision. Not only does this mean that you will save money at the pump with the Chevy, but you will also find yourself visiting the gas station less often.

  • Safety

    A blue 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown from the side parked in front of a body of water.

    Since both of these models were developed by GM, their safety features are very similar. In fact, both the 2022 Chevy Equinox and the 2022 Buick Envision offer Teen Driver Mode, which is exclusive to GM models. This feature allows guardians to set restrictions on driver speeds, volumes, and even curfews. Further, GM recently added a "report card" feature to this mode, so Equinox and Envision owners can see how responsibly (or irresponsibly) their teen has been driving.

    Driver-Assist Features

    Both models come with standard Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and Following Distance Indicator features. The first feature alerts drivers of potential accidents, while the second feature sends alerts when the driver drifts into another lane without using their turn signal. Finally, the Following Distance Indicator ensures that drivers stay far enough away from the vehicle ahead.

    The Equinox and Envision also both come with standard Front Pedestrian braking. When a person walks out in front of your vehicle, or if you happen not to see them walking across the street for some reason, your SUV will automatically apply the brakes to help ensure that no one gets hurt. But while both models include effective standard safety features, the Equinox provides those same driver-assist features at a much lower cost than its competing model.

  • Technology

    The black interior of a 2022 Chevy Equinox shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

    Given that the 2022 Buick Envision is a luxury model, while the 2022 Chevy Equinox is not, it is expected to offer more tech features. However, both models include standard Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, which is typically considered a luxury add-on item. They also both include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto music streaming services and large touchscreen infotainment systems.

    SiriusXM satellite radio is available on both models, as is Bluetooth connectivity and active noise cancelation, which is there to keep your cab quiet. Upgrade to either vehicle's Connected Services feature to access Amazon Vehicle Delivery, Alexa and Google Assist integration, and much more. You can even connect to the Marketplace to order take-out, schedule reservations, or purchase fuel ahead of time. Just be sure to stay parked or let your passenger do the work here.

    The Better Deal

    The only feature you can get on the 2022 Envision that doesn't come on the 2022 Equinox is the Buick's optional Head-Up Display feature. This technology displays information such as your speed and engine temperature straight onto your windshield to prevent you from getting distracted. However, to get this single feature, you have to pay a much steeper price. Overall, the Equinox and the Envision both offer similar technologies, so the Envision is still the better deal.

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