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Purchasing a new Chevy vehicle can be intimidating; even sifting through used cars for sale can leave drivers with a bit of sticker shock. But here at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet of Buford, we have a full team dedicated to helping you navigate the financial aspects of car shopping, taking the weight off your shoulders. So when you are ready to purchase or lease your next vehicle, come on down to our Chevy dealership for a smooth and simple buying experience.

Is It a Good Idea to Finance a Car?

Taking out a loan for anything can be a bit scary, but financing a car is actually a good idea. Most people do not have the funds to purchase a vehicle outright – at least not a reliable one. When you avoid taking out a loan, your options can become very limited, leaving you with no choice but to purchase from an owner. But when you buy a used car from someone you do not know, you run the risk of landing yourself a lemon. Spending a bit more and taking out an auto loan expands your options, allowing you to shop at a reputable dealership that will provide you with a full history report on the vehicle. When push comes to shove, financing a car is not just a good idea, but the best idea.

How Can I Get an Auto Loan?

If you have decided that vehicle financing is the best option for you and your wallet, you are probably wondering how to get started. Here at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet, we keep it simple. To get an auto loan, all you have to do is fill out the vehicle financing application on our site or in person, and we will present you with the best options out there. It really is that easy. We will take the information you provide in your application, run the numbers, and find great rates from both local and national lenders. You will be given all of the important information, allowing you to make an informed decision for yourself, without the hassle of doing all the extra research.

Will I Qualify for Vehicle Financing?

Our financing application process is simple and straightforward, but before you even apply, you may be wondering whether or not you will qualify. Luckily, we are dedicated to finding an option for any and every Georgia driver. Whether you have a perfect credit score or no credit history at all, we will work with you to find a plan that fits your finances. We even offer Chevrolet credit assistance programs to ensure we meet every single need. And if you are truly unsure, reach out to us for more information. We are committed to matching you with the right loan for your budget and credit history.

Downpayments, Trade-Ins & More

When financing a vehicle, it is natural to want to bring down the total loan amount as much as possible. There are multiple ways to do this: the first and most well-known way is to put a cash downpayment on the vehicle. The money you put down on the car goes directly toward the price tag, allowing you to finance a smaller amount. This, in turn, can significantly bring down your monthly car payments.

The other option you have is to trade in your current vehicle, using its value against the cost of the new one. How much your current car is worth depends on its make, model, and year. You can get an estimate of your vehicle’s trade-in value right on our website, or come into the dealership for a full appraisal. Even if you have a current lien on your vehicle, we can help you settle the dues, allowing you to trade it in for the new one. Here at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet of Buford, we will do our best to make everything finance-related simple for you.

Financing vs Leasing a Chevy

If you want a brand new vehicle, there is an alternative to buying one: you can lease a Chevy too. How does financing a vehicle differ from leasing one, though? And why would you choose one option over another? Financing is simple, you take out a loan and make payments until you officially own the car. Leasing, on the other hand, is a bit different, as you are practically getting a long-term rental car. 

Leasing can be especially beneficial for those who drive limited miles. It is very likely that the monthly payments and sales tax will be lower than a financed vehicle. Additionally, most leased cars come with warranty coverage that will include regular, routine maintenance services, which can save you a lot of money over time. Plus, when you lease, you always get the newest models and the best, most high-tech features. You can even decide to purchase the vehicle after the lease ends if you fall in love with it. 

With all that in mind, leasing a Chevy is a great option for many people. However, if you do not want mileage restrictions, or want full freedom to customize your car, then you should consider buying or financing. Leasing and buying are both wonderful options, but when it comes down to it, the final decision should be based on your individual lifestyle and needs.

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When you are in the market for a new or new-to-you vehicle, you want to work with a dealership that always puts you first. From picking your car to applying for vehicle loans, we are dedicated to doing just that. So contact us or swing by our Chevy dealership today! We look forward to assisting you with all of your car-related financing needs.

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