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Shopping for a used vehicle can feel like a lot of work, but it is work worth doing because it can make the difference between finding the perfect vehicle that meets all of your needs, and feeling regret about your decision. Looking at used SUVs for sale in your area can be a lot of fun, as long as you know what to look for, understand what different bits of terminology mean, and know how to pick the right SUV for what you need. That might sound intimidating, but fortunately, it is easier than it seems; all it requires is a little bit of research and patience.

When looking at used SUVs for sale, it is important to go with a dealership that offers you a terrific selection of vehicles to choose from and that you can trust. While you might be tempted to choose a private seller to get the lowest price possible, doing so gives you no protection on your investment. You will only find the very best used vehicles, including Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) models at a reputable dealership. The large inventory at a good dealer also gives you plenty of options to choose from, which is important when shopping used SUVs for sale so that you can find the right one for your needs.

An orange 2016 Chevy Trax, popular among used SUVs for sale, is driving on a city street.

Here at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet of Buford, we have a terrific inventory of used SUVs for you to choose from. Not only do we have a large number of them here at our dealership, but we also have access to a nationwide inventory of used SUVs for sale with hundreds, if not thousands more for you to consider. This means we are able to work with you to help you find exactly what you need and make sure you get the right vehicle. Come by today to see what we have and let us help you find the perfect used SUV for your needs.

Some Models to Consider

When looking at used SUVs for sale, you are going to see a lot of different models out there, and we have many different ones available here at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet of Buford. Even though we are a Chevy dealership, when it comes to used models, we have offerings from just about every major manufacturer available. That means you have a much larger inventory to choose from with used SUVs here at Rick Hendrick than you might at first expect. Here are some great models that you should keep an eye out for while shopping.

The Chevy Trax is one of our favorites, which should come as no surprise since it is a Chevrolet model. The Trax has only been available since 2015 here in the US, so most models you find will have newer features and that makes it a great choice overall. We also love the Chevy Equinox, which has been around for quite a while, and that means you will find plenty of them on the market. In particular, keep an eye out for models from 2013 to 2017, which was a great time for the Equinox. You can find some fantastic deals on these used SUVs for sale.

If you want something other than a Chevrolet, then consider a used Honda CR-V, which is one of the most popular used SUVs on the road. The CR-V has been around since the late 1990s, which means there are a lot of them out there, and we find that models from the last decade are typically in great condition and offer excellent features. The Kia Soul is also a very popular SUV and is a great choice when looking at used SUVs for sale. Although available here in the US since 2010, we like models from 2013 and later due to a revamp and improvements made on the second generation.

When looking at used SUVs for sale, do not forget about models that might not be in production anymore, but that were great in their own right. For example, a used Cadillac SRX can be a great choice, even though 2016 was its last model year. These were quite popular while they were in production, which means there are still a lot of them out there, and they were typically kept in very good condition.

A blue 2016 Chevy Equinox is driving past a fence near Buford, GA.

Certified Pre-Owned SUVs for Sale

One thing you should definitely look for while considering used SUVs for sale here at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet of Buford is a CPO model. A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is not just a fancy way of saying “used,” it is a vehicle that is put through a rigorous inspection to ensure it is in the very best condition possible. When you buy a CPO SUV at a dealership, you know that it is of high quality, and you get far greater peace of mind on it than with most other used vehicles.

For example, in order for a used SUV to be a Chevy CPO model, it cannot be more than six years old and cannot have more than 75,000 miles on it. It must also pass a comprehensive 172-point inspection to ensure it is in excellent condition, have a clean title, and pass a vehicle history report that shows it is in great shape. All of this is handled by Chevrolet or through a certified dealership with expert technical staff.

When you buy a CPO SUV, you get the protection that you will not find on other used SUVs for sale – especially those from private sellers. Every CPO Chevrolet comes with a 6-year or 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty and a 12-month or 12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, and both have a $0 deductible. You get two scheduled maintenance visits for your CPO Chevy with a factory-certified professional, and a free CARFAX vehicle history report. Finally, when you buy a CPO Chevy SUV, you get 3 days or 150 miles to exchange it for a different vehicle if you decide you do not like it. The reason does not matter; as long as you are within the time and mileage limit, you can exchange your Chevy CPO vehicle with another one.

What to Look for in a Used SUV

Knowing what to look for in used SUVs for sale can be tricky, and a lot of it will depend on what you specifically need. With that in mind, however, there are certain things you should always check when considering buying a used vehicle. For one, insist on starting the vehicle, from cold, yourself and listen to how it starts. You should hear an even sound when starting the vehicle, and it should start easily.

You should be sure to check the area under the vehicle once it is moved for any signs of fluid leaks and pop the hood open to look at the engine. Make sure everything looks good on the engine and check all the fluid levels you can – also ask about maintenance or service records on the vehicle, including the most recent oil change and age of the tires. Look at the exterior and the interior for any signs of damage or wear and keep anything you see in mind when discussing the price of the vehicle.

Finally, and this might seem silly, get down on the ground and check out the underside of the vehicle as best you can. In particular, look for damage or signs of rust. Light discoloration from rust is usually not a major issue and can be addressed pretty easily. If you see serious discoloration or damage from rust, then move on to a different vehicle as that is a big issue that will cost you more money in the future.

Be sure to consider the following important features when looking at different used SUVs for sale and make sure you understand what these terms mean. This will make your research and picking the right SUV a lot easier.

The headlight of a blue SUV is in focus with more used SUVs for sale behind it.

Important Features

Crossover vs SUV

When you look at used SUVs for sale, or even new models, you are going to see the terms “crossover” and “SUV” used a lot. In some cases, they may seem like they are used interchangeably, and they often are, but they do have two distinct meanings. For the most part, you probably will not need to choose one over the other, unless you are looking for some specific features like high towing capacity, but it is worthwhile to understand what they mean.

An SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle, is often considered to be any vehicle of the style generally referred to as SUVs and crossovers. But, with that in mind, crossovers are built on the same platform as a car, while a true SUV uses a truck platform. The difference here is that cars are made with a unibody design where the body and frame are a single piece, and crossovers generally have the same design. An SUV, like a truck, is typically a body-on-frame design, which means the body is a separate piece attached to a solid frame.

Different Sizes

When considering different used SUVs for sale, you will see different terms used to refer to their sizes. While there are differences within these categories – one model might be a few inches longer than another – they are good guidelines for what to look for. The typical sizes you will find are:

  • Subcompact – This is usually used only for crossover vehicles, which are the smallest category of SUVs, typically with seating for 4 or 5 people (Chevy Trax).
  • Compact – These are slightly larger than subcompact models, but still small for an SUV and tend to have seating for 4 or 5 people (Chevy Equinox).
  • Midsize – These are larger SUVs and crossover vehicles that often have a third row of seating, which means 7 or 8 people can fit in them (Chevy Traverse).
  • Full-Size – The largest SUVs fall into this category, and they also have a third row of seating, often with options for up to 9 people (Chevy Suburban).


As you can see from the sizes of different used SUVs for sale, available seating corresponds with the size – the larger the vehicle, the more room for people. In general, when you see an SUV advertised with seating for seven people, for example, that includes the driver. That means you will probably get a pair of front seats, two seats in a middle row, and a three-seat bench in the rear, for seven total seats. Just keep in mind that many models have either a bench or a pair of seats available for the second row, which is why two different vehicles of the same midsize SUV could have seating for seven people in one case and eight people in the other.

Cargo Space

When looking at used SUVs for sale, cargo space or volume, is one of the most important specs that you should look for. This is a measurement of how much space inside the vehicle is available for storing objects, such as when packing up for a road trip or loading up after a big shopping trip. Because this is volume and represents a three-dimensional space, you will see it measured in cubic feet or cu.ft.

As you consider cargo space in SUVS, you should see different figures depending on where it is being measured from. In general, you will see a number for behind each row. For example, in a full-size SUV with three rows of seating, you will find cargo volume for just behind the third row, for behind the second row with the third row folded down, and for behind the front row if you only have one passenger with you and both rows of seats down.

The cargo area of a 2019 Chevy Suburban is shown.

Towing Capacity

Towing capacity on used SUVs indicates how much weight you can pull behind the vehicle, typically on a trailer or in a camper. This is the total weight and often depends on the vehicle, the engine, and other optional factors. For the most part, traditional SUVs will give you greater towing capacity than crossovers, due to their truck-like design, but the size of the SUV and the power of its engine are major factors.

Interior Options

When looking at used SUVs for sale, you want to look at all the different features inside the vehicle. There were typically different trims and optional packages available on it when it was sold as new, so you want to watch for anything that is important to you. Two models that look identical from the outside can have very different interiors.

This starts with the seats themselves, including the material they are made from and how adjustable they are, along with the air conditioning or climate control system, the entertainment system including the number of speakers, and both power outlets and USB ports. It is always a good idea to try out any of these features when looking at used SUVs for sale. Turn on the radio and the air conditioning, adjust the seats, and make sure all the lights work properly.

Safety Features

Just like the interior features, the safety features and options can vary quite a lot with new vehicles. That means that whoever bought the SUV as new had a lot of decisions to make about what safety systems they wanted. Standard and optional features change depending on the manufacturer, the specific model, and even the year it was made. So it is important to look at all of these details and see what the specific used model you are interested in has on it.

Keep in mind that features change over time. A used SUV from 10 years ago might have a rearview camera if it was a high trim level at the time, while it is now mandatory on all models, so even a basic trim from 2 years ago will have one. Be sure to find out what specific safety features a used SUV has, and take a moment to test out things like a backup camera or rear cross traffic alert.

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